Healthcare & Pharmacy Market

In the healthcare field, proper labeling and reliably printed products are essential to the productivity and workflow of any hospital or doctor’s office. With patients’ health and confidentiality at risk, healthcare professionals need products that they can trust and rely on to withstand the demands of their field. 

At Express Printing, we provide specialty label applications for the healthcare industry that can withstand the unique and brutal conditions of subzero temperatures and xylene solutions. 

We also help to ensure confidentiality, security, and vital documentation with our labels, badges, and forms that meet the strict criteria that hospitals and offices require. However, our products don’t end there. We can meet all of your printing needs of any type, size, and specificity.

Our most popular healthcare products are:

  • Cryo Labels
  • Water Bath Xylene Solution Applications
  • Pharmacy Labels
  • Vial Labels
  • Patient ID Labels
  • Time Sensitive Visitor Badges

In need of something highly specific that’s not listed? Give us a call. We can help.