Who We Are

Express Printing is a woman-owned and family-owned printing and distribution company located in Mahtomedi, MN. We service North America, Canada, and Mexico and have 68 years of combined experience in the label and custom printing industry. We specialize in providing our clients with specialized labels, ribbons, and printed forms, as well as an extensive line of other highly complex or unique printed products. We provide printing solutions for the banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial markets but have the expertise to tackle a variety of business label and printing needs. With our extensive experience in printing, we have become an industry leader in product knowledge with excellent customer service skills to match.

Our Story

Our journey through the printing industry began in 1986 as technological advances led to corporate giants buying out brick and mortar shops. As a result, we began to notice a shift in the values of the printing business. Larger print companies seemed to arise at the expense of customer service, a lack of attention to detail, and quick response times.

That’s when we set out to create a company that not only encapsulated those technological advances and the quality that the advancements offered, but also retained that good old-fashioned personal touch and attention of a regional business. 

With this in mind, Express Printing was started in 2001. We aimed to provide exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, prompt response and turnaround times, and high-quality products. With this vision as our driving force, we’ve established and maintained decade-long relationships with our clients. Some of which have been with us since the company’s conception. This has allowed us to see continued growth every year that we’ve been in business. Through the purchase of our building in 2006, upgrading our IT systems, adding software licenses, and a larger staff, we’ve never lost sight of what matters most in any business, and that is an unwavering dedication to the needs of our customers. 

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Great Customer Service is Just The Beginning

At Express Printing, we believe that being cordial, accessible, and valuing our client’s time is just the beginning of providing excellent and prompt customer service. In addition to this, we happily go above and beyond as we treat our clients’ needs as if they were our own. With our industry-leading product knowledge, we not only work one-on-one to analyze our clients’ needs and offer creative solutions and high-quality products that best fit their unique needs, but remain personally involved to ensure the effectiveness of the application of our products. 

With this hands-on and highly involved approach, we have established long-term relationships that have remained intact since our company’s beginning. With our team of carefully selected professionals who share our pride and passion for providing top-rated products and customer service, we are sure to be a great asset to any business in need of our services.

Here is What Our Customers Have To Say About Express Printing…

For over 20 years, I’ve searched for the best combination of quality, service & price when procuring print and labels. Throughout that time, I’ve learned that my most valuable suppliers are those that act as an extension of my team. People that partner with me, and care about the success of our orders just as much as I do. The staff at Express Printing Inc. are (and have always been) prompt, dependable, forthright and fair. In a global marketplace where we have so many options, it’s nice to find a print and label supplier that I can count on, every time. The fact that I’ve had that kind of consistency, assurance and comfort for more than two decades is truly amazing.”

Top Ranked Hospital in the United States
Manager, Buyer

Adding Value To Your Business is Our Business

One of the greatest contributing factors to our 17 years of sustained and continued growth is the wide array of printing products that we offer. While many companies have to deal with several different vendors to get all the printing and label products they require, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your labeling and printing needs. 

We offer flexible product options at competitive prices and are always up to date on the newest and leading-edge technology in printing. We not only help your business run efficiently by streamlining your procurement systems, we can also meet turnaround times that seem impossible. We add value to any business of any size that we work with because we don’t just sell products, we sell solutions.

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